Marihuana y otras sustancias

El uso de marihuana es muy frecuente entre jóvenes que han presentado una psicosis o que están en riesgo de presentarla. Presentamos aquí información importante sobre las características y riesgos  de esta sustancia.

Is buying from SURGE safe?

Absolutely. We are the first and only registered nutraceutical business in Canada. We manufacture and sell our own products. Our products are the purest on the market and are tested for purity and accurate dosing, other vendors aren't. We also have reviews on Facebook & Trustpilot.

Where is my order shipped from?

All orders are shipped from either of our two warehouse locations; Québec City, Québec and Ottawa, Ontario.

What's the shipping time?

Canadian orders: 3-5 business days with Express Shipping & Tracking. USA orders: 4-6 business days with Express Shipping & Tracking. Worldwide: 4-10 business days with Express Shipping & Tracking. All orders get free express shipping when ordering over $200. Worldwide orders get free express shipping when ordering over $350.

What is the return policy?

In the rare event where your package might have been damaged during transportation, we will gladly replace the product(s) at our expense. We take no returns, so just send us a message or chat with us if there's a problem. We'll fix it.

Do you offer guarantees?

Glad you asked. We offer our product purity guarantee + our accurate dosing guarantee for all our products. All our nutraceuticals have a MINIMUM of 98% purity. Many other vendors claim this, but have nothing to back it up. Send us a message for the COAs on our products if you want them.

How do I use these products?

Depending on what product you're looking at, it's recommended use may vary a lot. If you're not sure, simply send us an email or chat with us, it'll be our pleasure to safely recommend how to use our products for maximum benefits.

What are the accepted payment methods?

PayPal & Credit Cards. All payments are safely encrypted via PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account? No problem! Checkout as a guest and pay with a credit or debit card. No extra fees.

What advantages do members get?

By subscribing to the site and logging in when making purchases, you accumulate points that you can redeem on your next purchase. You get 10% back before taxes. On top of that, members get exclusive deals and offers via email. The best part is that it's free! Subcribe by going to the home page and scrolling down.

Do you offer liquid SARMs?

No we do not, and we never will. Liquid SARM "suppliers" only do this because they think it will avoid any legal problem as a liquid supension compound isn't considered a "ready-for-human-consumption" product. This means that the supplier isn't registered, and probably doesn't even know what it is that's actually in the bottle.
Liquids are generally not as pure, and most "suppliers" here in Canada that sell them have profited off many buyers by selling their under-dosed crap. Come feel the difference.

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